About Baker Thirteen

Hello…My name is Kristin and baking wonderful sweets is my passion. It all started with a child from a small town in Pennsylvania that loved to watch her Grandma and her Mom create the most delicious cookies and sweets. They were so yummy that her Grandpa had his own cookie jar stash that no one was allowed to touch. And so began her mission to bake the best homemade cookies and sweets starting with the recipes she collected over the years from family and friends. And…yes…that child was me.

After graduating college, I went on to work in the restaurant industry for the next 15 years, picking up many other baking techniques all along the way. Thoughout that time, I really paid attention to the way the chefs created the desserts. I tried recreating many of the recipes through trial and error and several tweeks, in attempt to make the recipes my own. As a result, I was able to create that made-from-scratch treat that everyone really enjoyed and loved.

In 2009, I left the restaurant industry to pursue another opportunity only to arrive at the conclusion that baking is my real passion in life. That was about the time that Baker Thirteen was born.

Baker Thirteen is a result of wanting to provide you the most enjoyment out of your order and to give you that little extra something that you were not expecting. All baked goods sold by the dozen get an extra treat in the package to enjoy the true baker’s dozen experience. I love what I do and want you to enjoy the delicious result.
Thanks for stopping by to say Hi…I can’t wait for the opportunity to bake for you!!